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Here you’ll find an extensive selection of products that were previously used as rentals but are now available for purchase. Our Ex-rental Sale Products provide you with the convenience and flexibility you desire. The Ex-rental Sale Products are carefully inspected, refurbished and ready to use at affordable prices. 

We are pleased to offer a wide range of Ex-Rental Sale Products, including advanced equipment and specialized tools. Here are some of the in-demand products available for ex-rental sale:

  1. UG: Uni-Pact – Uni-Pact has been developed to complement larger survey vessels used for survey and support tasks where a smaller vehicle is better suited to missions, offering efficient bathymetry from an unmanned platform.
  2. Kongsberg EM® 2040C: Multibeam Echo Sounder – It is a shallow water multibeam echo sounder based on the EM 2040 technology, an ideal tool for any high-resolution mapping and inspection application. Can be used for precise seabed scanning which is supported by powerful bottom detecting algorithms which have been built up over time.
  3. Innovatum SMARTRAK: Cable and Pipeline Survey Tool – Innovatum SMARTRAK is an ever-evolving product line of submarine cable and pipeline location, tracking and survey tools. Innovatum SMARTRAK is designed to be fitted to ROVs, AUVs, Towed Bodies and surface vessels. 
  4. EdgeTech 6205: Combined Bathymetry and Side Scan Sonar – Unique Group in partnership with EdgeTech supplies EdgeTech 6205 Combined Bathymetry and Sidescan Sonar. It utilises EdgeTech’s next generation bathymetric technology to provide an enhanced and fully integrated, swath bathymetry and dual frequency side scan sonar system.
  5. A.G.O. CSW -7VK: Lightweight Electric Winch (2.25kW) – It is a fully-enclosed winch for medium duty oceanographic and geophysics research applications. It meets site safety requirements and ensures better protection from the elements for the motor and drive train components.

Please note that availability may vary, as these products are unique and subject to limited stock. Be sure to check back regularly to catch the best deals before they’re gone!

There are several benefits of having availability products on Ex-rental sale:

  1. Cost Saving: Ex-rental sale products offer significant cost savings compared to purchasing brand new items. The client can acquire the equipment they need at an affordable cost, enabling them to stretch their budget further and allocate resources to other business priorities.
  2. Access to High-Quality Equipment: Ex-rental products undergo thorough inspection and refurbishment processes to ensure they meet quality standards.
  3. Shorter Lead Times: Clients often have time-sensitive projects, by opting for ex-rental sale products, they can avoid long lead times associated with purchasing new equipment.  
  4. Flexibility and Scalability: Ex-rental sale offerings provide clients with the flexibility to adapt their equipment inventory based on project demands. They can scale up or down their equipment fleet without making long-term commitments or large capital investments.
  5. Environmental Consciousness: Opting for ex-rental sale products promotes environmental sustainability by extending the lifecycle of equipment. Clients can demonstrate their commitment to green practices by choosing refurbished items, contributing to waste reduction and conservation of resources.
  6. Reliable Support and Service: Unique Group provides ongoing support, maintenance, and service options. Clients can benefit from access to technical expertise, troubleshooting assistance, and spare parts, ensuring that their equipment remains in optimal condition throughout.

Don’t miss out on the benefits of our Ex-Rental Sale Products! Explore our wide range of safe and quality products that cater to your project requirements. Visit our website or contact our customer service team to explore our extensive inventory and discover how our ex-rental sale inventory can benefit you. Start browsing now and make the most of Unique Group’s Ex-Rental Sale Products!