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Unique Maritime Group Supports “Lighting a Billion Lives Project”

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Unique Maritime Group Supports “Lighting a Billion Lives Project”

13th July 2011

Lighting a billion Lives (LaBL) is a Solar Lighting Program Launched by “The Energy and Resources Institute” (TERI).

Millions and millions of people do not see light after the sun goes down. LaBL is in response to this unfortunate state of affairs in the 21st century!

The initiative makes it possible for people to get clean, healthy and adequate light in their homes without any pollution or emission.

LaBL’s journey is about lighting up a billion lives, yet it is not about lighting up lives alone. It’s about using light as a catalyst to spread a billion smiles. It’s about light, facilitating the advancement of education, health, livelihoods and several other attributes, which help fight local and global poverty. Overall, it’s about achieving the United Nation’s Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

LaBL sets up solar charging stations in energy poor villages that offer certified, bright and quality solar lanterns for rental to the local people. A trained local entrepreneur operates and manages the charging station and leases the solar lanterns for an affordable fee. This initiative provides illumination that advances education, health and livelihood activities. It also facilitates creation of new jobs by training villagers for operation and maintenance. It also replaces the use of polluting Kerosene as a lighting fuel. It not only supports a cause but is also environment friendly as it helps to reduce our carbon footprint by minimizing 5.5 million tones of CO2 (caused by burning of kerosene Oil), thus, saving 2.2 billion liters of kerosene oil per year.

The cost of sponsoring a single village is only AED 16,666/- and to date, LaBL has completed the study and assessment of an additional 1000 villages (50,000 households) in need of solar lighting services.

Unique Maritime Group with support of The Unique Club is the proud sponsor of 1 complete Village in rural India.

Harry Gandhi, CEO of Unique Maritime Group has funded and sponsored a further 22 such villages, across the nation on behalf of Unique Maritime Group.