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Optimal Ranging Inc Orion Tracking System

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  • Optimal Ranging Inc Orion Tracking System
Optimal Ranging Inc Orion Tracking System

The Orion Tracking System is Optimal Ranging Inc new flagship product for Underwater Utility Surveying. Extending LIBRA's Fieldsens technology, the Orion now includes MultiSens and is available in two, four or six sensor configurations. The Orion is rated to a depth of 2000m and is therefore ideal for use in deepsea surveys with ROV's. It may also be mounted on other platforms such as a sled or a wing. The Orion Tracking System is integrated with leading hydrographic survey software including EIVA, QINSY and HYPACK.

The Orion Tracking System can be ROV mounted or deployed in a towed of fixed hull set up. For deeper cable and pipeline mapping projects in larger bays or on the continental shelf, the system can be towed over or positioned above the seabed by depressor or mounted on a carbon fiber sled, respectively.

Key Features

ROV, Vessel Fixed or Towed Wing or Sled.

Number of sensors: 2, 4, or 6 at arbitrary orientation and relative positions.

AC Magnetic Field Sensitivity (Noise Floor): 1 mA/ m @100 Hz.

Operating frequencies (Hz): 10 to 1600 Hz, in steps of 1 Hz.

Simultanious Frequencies: 1, 2, or 3 (Any combination of passive/active tones).

Minimum detectable AC magnetic field strength for target positioning: 10 mA/ m @ 100 Hz.

Maximum radial distance to utility: 10, (1.5 m sensor spacing).

Depth accuracy: 0.05m + 5% of radial distance to target, offset accuracy: 0.05 + 5% of radial distance to target.

Cable position output 10 Hz.

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