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Survey Equipment

Valeport Midas CTD+ Multiparameter Profiler

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  • Valeport Midas CTD+ Multiparameter Profiler
Valeport Midas CTD+ Multiparameter Profiler

The Valeport Midas CTD+ Multiparameter Profiler, with a wide choice of standard sensors. Featuring Valeport's latest 400 Series electronics, the Midas CTD+ will sample all fitted sensors at exactly the same instant, at up to 8Hz. Advanced setup software allows a variety of sampling regimes including burst modes, delay starts, and conditional sampling. With up to 64Mbyte memory and internal battery pack, as well as a selection of real time output formats, the Valeport Midas CTD+ is perfect for both profiling or fixed mooring applications. In addition, the Midas CTD+ may be used with Valeport's own water bottle carousel.

The rental units can be supplied with conductivity, pressure, temperature, turbidity, ph, dissolved oxygen, redox, transmissometer and flourometer sensors. For direct reading applications a 100m cable can also be supplied.

Key Features

High resolution data.

Self recording or direct reading.

Programmable sampling.

Time or depth trigger.

CTD turbidity, pH, oxygen, redox and transmissometer sensors available.

Datalog software provided.

Depth rating up to 1500m.

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