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Valeport Soundbar 2 Sound Velocity Sensor

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  • Valeport Soundbar 2 Sound Velocity Sensor
Valeport Soundbar 2 Sound Velocity Profiler

The Valeport Soundbar 2 is a specific application of Valeport's Modus SVS "time of flight" Sound Velocity Sensor, combining the advanced sensor technology with a pressure sensor and display unit to provide a highly accurate, quick, safe and easy alternative to traditional Bar Checking methods. Data may be sampled in time or pressure increments, and the real time display unit also logs the data. Data can be output to PC in variety of standard formats, ensuring compatibility with existing systems.  Rental units come complete with all necessary accessories and 100m cables.

Key Features

High resolution data.

Temperature and pressure compensated.

Programmable sampling.

Real time display.

Data logging.

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