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YSI 6600 Multi Parameter V2 Sonde

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  • YSI 6600 Multi Parameter V2 Sonde
YSI 6600 Multi Parameter Sonde
YSI ROX Oxygen Sensor

The YSI 6600 Multi Parameter V2 Sonde offers the most comprehensive water quality monitoring package available with simultaneous measurement of: conductivity (salinity), temperature, depth, pH/ORP, dissolved oxygen (using the ROX™ optical DO sensor), and turbidity. Chlorophyll, and blue green algae are available upon demand. The YSI 650MDS hand held displays can also be requested. These are supplied with 50m deployment cables to enable real time data collection.

ROX Reliable Optical Dissolved Oxygen (fitted to all Unique Group Rentals YSI 6600 V2-4 sondes) The ROX sensor uses lifetime luminescence detection technology to offer the most reliable oxygen sensor with the lowest possible maintenance effort. Experience signi´Čücantly less membrane maintenance, while obtaining excellent accuracy, sensitivity, and range.

Key Features

Self cleaning optical sensors.

Self recording or direct reading.

Available with 50m cable and 650MDS display unit.

ROX DO sensors fitted.

1000 NTU turbidity sensor fitted.

Also pH, conductivity, pressure and temperature sensors fitted

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