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Knudsen Mini Sounder Series Echosounder

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  • Knudsen Mini Sounder Series Echosounder
Knuden Mini Sounder Series Echosounder
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Knudsen Sounder Systems are the next benchmark in survey echosounders. The new affordable Mini Sounder is industry unique in both compact size and performance. Less than 3 kg in weight, the system incorporates the latest in digital signal processing technology and includes Knudsen SounderSuite Windows application software for easy interface to your computer via a USB connection. The MiniSounder is ideal for easy transport to changing project sites, and is well suited for easy deployment on small survey platforms in open air environments.

Available only in a single channel configuration but with a wide frequency range, the MiniSounder also offers the flexibility of using more than one MiniSounder together (up to 4) simultaneously within one user application. An attractive low cost, easy portability, and expandable design architecture make the MiniSounder an ideal choice for any project.

Key Features

  • For sale or rental.
  • Up to 4 x Mini's can be daisy chained to create a bespoke multi channel echosounder.
  • Frequency agile,  use from 24kHz to 210kHz.
  • Correlation processing,  USB interfaces.
  • Standard interface to all modern survey tools including GPS, data loggers and heave compensators.