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Survey Equipment

Knudsen Pinger Echosounding Sub Bottom Profiler

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  • Knudsen Pinger Echosounding Sub Bottom Profiler
Knudsen Pinger Echosounding Sub Bottom Profiler
Knudsen CHIRP 3200 Rack Mount Echosounder

The Knudsen Pinger has been developed to provide an all in one Sub Bottom Profiler and Echosounder, The system makes use of one a proven Knudsen Chirp 3200 Echosounder. This is a rack mounted dual frequency unit that is controlled by proprietary SounderSuite software allowing high quality sub bottom data acquisition via a familiar user interface. You do not have to be a geophysicist to use a Knudsen Pinger. The standard survey interfaces allow heave compensated records on both the 200kHz echosounder channel and also the 15kHz or 3.5kHz chirped SBP array. Data quality is impressive.

Key Features

For sale or rental.

15kHz or 3.5kHz sub bottom transmit arrays.

200kHz echosounding  correlation (Chirp) processing.

Heave compensated records.

SEG Y data recording.

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