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Neptune Sonar T196, T197, T198, 12kHz Transducers

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  • Neptune Sonar T196, T197, T198, 12kHz Transducers
Neptune Sonar T196, T197 12kHz Transducers
Neptune Sonar T198 12kHz Transducers

The Neptune Sonar T196 & T197 are both high performance, dual frequency transducers offering a versatile sounding system with high resolution  and excellent range performance. The design features both HIGH and LOW frequency sections combined in a single housing. The combination of both frequencies in the same unit provides the echo-sounder manufacturer and hydrographer with the flexibility to select a system to meet the desired survey requirements of resolution, range, silt penetration and beam pattern.

The Neptune Sonar T198 transducer is a high power, long range directional array operating at 12 kHz. Originally designed for over-side installation, the Neptune Sonar T198 can also be hull mounted. Other applications include deep water echo sounding, using a towed body down to depths of 500metres. These extremely popular transducers are held in sales stock in Aberdeen. They can be used with the following manufacturers echo sounders: Knudsen, Atlas, Odom.

Key Features

12/200 & 12/210 KHZ Transducer.

12 KHZ Single Beam Transducer.

Navigation, Surveying.

Low side lobes.

Long range Echo Sounding.

Towed body capability.

Nepcast® PU Moulded Housing.

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