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Neptune T335 Transducer

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  • Neptune T335 Transducer
Neptune T335 Transducer

These Neptune T335 Transducer Arrays have now totally replaced the older Massa 3.5khz transducers. They are now the OEM transducer of choice for many leading manufacturers of Sub Bottom Profilers. Typical configurations include overside mounts, towfish 2x2 arrays and hull mounted 3x3 or 4x4 arrays for deep water echosounding and sub bottom profiling. They utilise easily available IL2 connectors making manufacture of bespoke cable assemblies quick and relatively inexpensive.

Key Features

For sale or rental.

Wide band transducer.

Utilise IL2M Subconn connectors.

90 degree conical beam angle.

Use in multi-transducer arrays.

4x4 array has a 30 degree conical beam angle at 3.5kHz.

200 ohm impedance.

Robust construction.

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