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Neptune Model 76 Dual Frequency Transducer

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  • Neptune Model 76 Dual Frequency Transducer
Neptune Model 76 Dual Frequency Transducer

The Neptune Model 76 are high performance,  dual frequency transducers combining both high and low frequency sections in a single unit. The ability to specify any combination of frequencies in the same basic unit, provides the echo sounder manufacturer and hydrographer with a versatile sounding system combining high resolution with good range performance.

These transducers combine both low and high frequency transducers combined in a single unit. Each frequency section comprising of a multi-element array is arranged to provide an enhanced beam pattern with low side lobe level. They can be used with wide range of echo sounders such as: Atlas, Knudsen, Odom, Valeport.

Key Features

For sale or rental.

33 / 210 kHz or 24 / 200 held in stock Aberdeen.

Precision narrow beam.

Overside mounting assembly.

Robust construction.

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