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Neptune Model 395 Single Frequency Transducer

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  • Neptune Model 395 Single Frequency Transducer
Neptune Model 395 Single Frequency Transducer
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The concentric element arrangement generates a conical beam pattern with low side lobes. The frequencies selected for the 395 SERIES are compatible with a wide range of echo-sounder types, in particular the 33 kHz version is an exact equivalent for the Atlas SW 6028. The 395 SERIES are manufactured using the latest NEPTCAST® polyurethane moulding system. This technique provides a mechanically robust, corrosion free transducer, suitable for tank, thru-hull or over-side mounting. The versatility of the design is further enhanced with the option of a ground discrimination ‘GD’ feature providing an indication of the sea bed roughness.

Key Features

  • Atlas SW 6028 Equivilent.
  • 6 frequency options 24 to 50kHz.
  • 24khZ (T214) & 33kHz (T166) held in sales stock.
  • Survey, Navigation, Fishing.
  • Hull mount or overside.