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Geometrics Telemetry System

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  • Geometrics Telemetry System
Geometrics Telemetry System
Geometrics G-882 Marine Magnetometer

To permit operation on cables longer that 1000 ft. Geometrics provides this telemetry system. It is designed to provide power and data telecommunications for Geometrics’ cesium-vapor marine magnetometer models G-880, G-881, and G-882 and will allow them to be operated on coaxial tow cable up to 10 km long. 

Key Features

Telemetry of serial data over long cable.

Supports Geometrics G882 magnetometers.

Supports Optimal Ranging Orion.

Converts multiconductor serial to coaxial cable compliant data.

Topside power supply and modem enables use on up to 6000m 11.4mm armoured cables.

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