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L-3 Klein 3900 Side Scan Sonar

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  • L-3 Klein 3900 Side Scan Sonar
L-3 Klein 3900 Side Scan Sonar
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The System 3900 is extremely high resolution digital sonar for use in Search and Recovery missions which require a portable side scan system. The model is a selectable dual-frequency system with 445 kHz, which offers excellent range and resolution, and 900 kHz, which offers higher resolution of identified targets.

The system is configured to be operated by one man from a small boat in shallow water. The standard system configuration comes complete with a splash-proof Transceiver Processing Unit (TPU), custom-configured laptop and 50m of lightweight tow cable. The Model 3900 Towfish electronics are housed in a stainless steel body with a phosphorescent finish.

Key Features

  • Superior imagery.
  • Dual frequency of nominal 455 and 900 kHz.
  • Extremely high image resolution.
  • Splashproof processor unit.
  • Small lightweight and simple design.
  • Easy to run and maintain.
  • Roll, pitch, and heading sensors.
  • Supplied SonarPro software.
  • Log data in XTF output format.
  • Co-axial cable.