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SubTow Boomer Model 240 Sub Bottom Profiler

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  • SubTow Boomer Model 240 Sub Bottom Profiler
Model 240 SubTow Boomer
AA201, AA301 Seismic Sound Source, Boomer Plates
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Originally sold as an EG&G Model 240 Subtow, this system was used to provide a more stable platform and to overcome the weather limitations of surface tow systems. The SubTow Boomer Sub Bottom Profiler has for many years been a valued sub-bottom profiling tool and is still extremely popular. The sub tow is a completely integrated boomer source and receiver.

Our system has been totally upgraded with a new Applied Acoustic Engineersing AA301 Source Plate and new internal hydrophone array. A 50 metre H.V. power and shielded signal cable is supplied with our sub-tow.  To complete the system the following items can also be supplied by Unique Group:  Applied Acoustic Engineering CSP-P 300P, CSP500 or CSP1000 HV Power Supplies.  CodaOctopus DA4G Seismic acquisition system.

Key Features

Internal hydrophone.

Stable platform.

Applied Acoustic AA301 source plate.

Full systems available.