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Teledyne RD Instruments STREAMPRO ADCP

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Teledyne RD Instruments STREAMPRO ADCP
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Teledyne RD Instruments STREAMPRO ADCP (Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler) represents a revolutionary advancement in  streamflow measurement. You can accurately measure discharge  in shallow streams in a matter of minutes a fraction of  the time required using traditional hand-held devices. With  StreamPro there’s no need to move from station to station to  obtain single-point velocity data or compute the discharge by  hand; streamflow measurements are obtained in real time.

The StreamPro ADCP revolutionizes discharge and velocity measurement in stream from 15-200 cm in depth.  The StreamPro's 'bottom tracking' capability provides the ability to move continuously across the stream to obtain a discharge measurement in two or three minutes instead of thirty minutes to an hour using the older point-by-point method.  StreamPro's unique design allows you to take measurements without even entering the water. Simply pull the instrument across the stream as you walk across a bridge, or attach the unit to a tagline.

Key Features

Measurements in streams or canals in a matter of minutes.

Simply cross a bridge or use a tagline to collect data.

Data is conveniently acquired using a Pocket PC.

Reliable bottom-tracking in 0.1m–7m depth.

Bluetooth communications.

Acquisition by Teledyne RDI’s WinRiver II software.

Minimum cell size 2cm with up to 30 cells.

Unique Group's  units, range of up to 6 meters.