Nortek Aquadopp Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler

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  • Nortek Aquadopp Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler
Nortek Aquadopp Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler
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The Aquadopp profiler measures the current profile in water using acoustic Doppler technology. It is designed for stationary applications and can be deployed on the bottom, on a mooring rig, on a buoy or on any other fixed structure. It is a complete instrument and includes all the parts required for a self-contained deployment with data stored to an internal data logger. Typical applications include coastal studies, online monitoring and scientific studies in rivers, lakes, and channels. The Aquadopp profiler uses three acoustic beams slanted at 25° to accurately measure the current profile in a user selectable number of cells. The internal tilt and compass sensors tell the current direction and the high-resolution pressure sensor gives the depth - and the tidal elevation if the system is fixed mounted. The standard 5 MB recorder and internal alkaline batteries are typically sufficient for a 2-4 month deployment. Deployment times can be increased or sampling schemes intensified by expanding to 80 MB memory and external batteries.

As with the standard Aquadopp Current Meters the Profilers available from Unique Group can be supplied with optional Valeport conductivity and temperature modules. These high specification sensor modules have been specifically designed for use with our Aquadopps.  A Seapoint OBS turbidity sensor can also fitted as an optional sensor to the Aquaprofiler.  Right Angled heads for the 1MHz and 2MHz units are also available. This allows these units to lie horizontally thus enabling measurement very close to the sea bed.

Key Features

600kHz, 1MHz or 2MHz units available.

Biological fouling does not affect accuracy.

Ideal for coastal applications.

Collect wave data at 1Hz in between current data.

Down to 0.1m cell size.

Small blanking distance allows data from only 50mm from the instrument.

Extended memory and external battery pack available for prolonged duration.

All plastic and titanium parts, 2.4 kg in air.