Teledyne RDI Sentinel V

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Teledyne RDI Sentinel V
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The new Sentinel V is the first product to be released from this emerging line. This self-contained instrument is available in three profiling ranges: 20m, 50m, and 100m. At this time Unique Group  can offer the V20 and V50 and if demand dictates the and V100 will follow.

Exciting V Enhancements Include

Multiple simultaneous sampling strategies:  Now, two users with vastly different interests in the same environment can share a single ADCP to accomplish the data collection goals of both, essentially doubling hardware output.

High-speed wireless data download:  Lose the cables. Wireless functionality allows you to fly through your data download and instrument reconfiguration, saving you time and money.

Off-the-shelf battery option:  Gear up for your next deployment at the corner store. The Sentinel V reduces your operating costs and increases convenience with its ability to accept standard alkaline D batteries.

Data redundancy and enhanced measurements:  An integrated 5th beam provides a third vertical velocity measurement and a 5th range to the surface measurement, allowing for enhanced turbulence and waves measurement capabilities.

Record every measurement:  User selectable bandwidth options offer the best of both worlds. Generally narrower bandwidths result in longer range, but less precision per measurement. However, there are times when range is of paramount importance. Sentinel V supports both configurations.

Increased portability:  The Sentinel V is smaller than its Workhorse predecessor and includes a convenient removable carrying handle.