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Valeport Model 200 Sensor Display Unit

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  • Valeport Model 200 Sensor Display Unit
Valeport Model 200 Sensor Display Unit

In response to customer demand, Valeport have used many years of experience in the manufacture of display units for their own instruments, to produce a Universal Display Unit for use with a wide range of single channel analogue sensors. The Valeport Model 200 Sensor Display Unit supplies power to and takes in a 0-5v signal from any of the sensors listed at 1Hz sample rate.

1.  Seapoint OBS.
2.  Seapoint Fluorometers.
3.  D & A OBS 3 turbidity sensors.
4.  Chelsea Minitracka Fluorometer.
5.  WETLabs C-Star (SeaTech) Transmissometers.
6.  many other analogue sensors....check for compatibility.

Features such as user settable average period and standard deviation of data make the unit ideal for using such sensors in a real time capacity, offering a new operating dimension in cases where the manufacturer does not make a dedicated real time display. The Valeport Model 200 Sensor Display Unit also allows the user to enter their own calibration function and units, and the internal memory option means that data can be preserved for later analysis.

Key Features

Realtime display of sensor output.

Compatible with many standard analogue sensors such as Seapoint OBS.

Calibrated or voltage display.

Supplies power to sensor.

Choice of average modes.

Standard deviation of data.

Easy to use.

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