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Cygnus DIVE

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Cygnus DIVE
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With its bright, very large, AMOLED display the Cygnus DIVE is simple to operate, providing accurate and reliable thickness measurements, underwater. Depth rated to 300 metres.

Available with data logging, topside, HelmetView™ and twin crystal probe options.  MSI™ Measurement Stability Indicator - this is a feature exclusive to the Cygnus. When using the DIVE Gauge in Single-Echo and Echo-Echo modes, MSI™ confirms when a reading is stable by turning the thickness measurement numbers from red to yellow.

Key Features

300 m depth rated.

Wrist-mountable, giving the diver a free hand.

A-Scan (selectable).

Data logging - stores 5000 measurements and A-Scans.

"Auto-Log” - no log button to press.

AMOLED display, easy viewing from all angles for diver and camera.

Multiple-Echo, error- checked measurements through coatings up to 20 mm thick.

Single-Echo - for use on uncoated surfaces with heavy back-wall corrosion/ pitting.

Echo-Echo - for use on painted surfaces with heavy back-wall corrosion/ pitting (through up to 0.5 mm paint).

MSI™ Measurement Stability Indicator - exclusive to Cygnus, confirms a stable reading in Single-Echo and Echo-Echo modes.

HelmetView™ - optional remote display.