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Ranger 305 D, Welding Generator

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Length x Width x Height: 909mm x 546mm x 1327mm
Net Weight: 317kg
Rated Output Current/Voltage/Duty Cycle: 305A DC CC/ 29V/ 100%
Output Range: 20 - 305A DC
Auxiliary Power: 10 000W Peak, 9 500W Continuous
Engine Model: Kubota D722 Diesel
Number of Cylinders: 3
HP & Speed: 18.8 @ 3600rpm

2. Model No: Invertec V350-Pro

Length x Width x Height: 376mm x 338mm x 709mm
Net Weight: 36.7kg
Rated Output Current/Voltage/Duty Cycle: 300A/ 32V/ 100%
Output Range: 5 - 425A, Max OCV 80V DC

3. Model No: Digital Control DC MMA

Length x Width x Height: 560mm x 260mm x 500mm
Net Weight: 34kg
Rated Output Current/Voltage/Duty Cycle: 300A/100%
Output Range: 20 - 400A, Max OCV 70V
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Underwater Cutting and Welding
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