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Oil Filled Junction Box

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  • Oil Filled Junction Box
Oil Filled Junction Box

The oil-filled junction box is an A316 Stainless Steel box with a Polycarbonate cover. It houses all the electrical connections from the main umbilical and splits it to the different communications, lights, equipment, etc. It is equipped with an oil pressure compensator, a drain valve located at the bottom and filling valve.


Length: 780mm
Width: 380mm
Depth: 180mm
Length: 1040mm
Width: 510mm
Depth: 210mm
Max External Pressure
Differential: 0.3bar

Order Detail:

Oil Filled Junction Box - DNV. Two boxes mounted together: 1085L x 630W x 280D (overall) D-BE-007
Oil Filled Junction Box - ABS: 1040L x 510W x 210D D-BE-008
Spare Gasket for DNV Junction Box: D-BE-007-01
Spare Gasket for ABS Junction Box: D-BE-008-01


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