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Eh70 Sea Water Pre Heater

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  • Eh70 Sea Water Pre Heater
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The EH70 electrical Pre Heater is an upgrade option for the EH144 and provides a robust and reliable 70kW sea water heating system that expands the heating capacity of the EH144 to 210kW of heating. The EH70 cannot be used as a standalone heating system as the safety requirement for electrical heating is controlled by the EH144. The EH144 can be supplied with certification from ABS or DNV.

Weight:  +/-120kg (empty)
Length:  +/-1210mm
Dia.:  +/-350mm
kW of Heating:  70kW
Max. Temp above Ambient:  +/-20 °C
Electrical Amps Requirement:  290A (EH144 with EH70)


Order Detail:  
EH70 ABS Pre Heater D-DH-089-01
EH70 DNV Pre Heater D-DH-090-01
Upgrade to remote control of banks D-DH-090-02
Divers Heater Sacrificial Anode  D-DH-088-01
Element spanner for Divers Heater Elements D-DH-088-02
Heating element, 6kW for Electrical Divers Heater D-DH-088-03