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Diving & Life Support

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300 HDS 18 Twin Bell DSV

The HDS series of saturation systems is designed as the reliable solution to built-in DSV systems. Looking for a full enclosed saturation dive system with a twin bell system and two SPHL's, manufactured to the exacting requirements of the latest DNV regulations, then this is the one for you!

The HDS saturation diving systems are easily integrated on purpose-built medium to large DSV's for continuous saturation work-scopes. The HDS 18 DNV / IMCA system is designed for launching two bells through independent moon-pools utilising a gantry system. The SPHL's are deployed directly over the side of the vessel making it an easily integrated sat dive system. The dive chamber system consists of five separate chambers, all twin lock configurations. There are four separate living areas, two are capable of sleeping 6 persons and two are capable of sleeping 3 persons. The come-out chambers are fitted with a dedicated medical bunk and independent sanitary facility lock. The SPHL's are fitted out as dedicated 18-person SPHL's. The dive and sat control rooms are fitted into their own dedicated ship spaces with conveniently positioned windows. All of the machinery for the saturation system is fitted in and around the diving system. The hydraulic systems are our proven DNV approved / IMCA compliant, 15 ton and 7.5 ton winch combinations with a dual redundant power pack. Our saturation dive systems come complete with a full IMCA Audit package, asset list and PMS software package.

The sat diving system is also extensively tested through use of the latest FMEA methodologies in our yard before being shipped, thereby ensuring first-time operation during mobilisations and low commercial risk on your project.


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