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ABS 300HFS-06 SAT/HRF -COMPACT-Lite- 6 man Saturation Diving System/12 man HRF

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The ABS 300HFS-06 SAT/HRF -COMPACT-Lite is an ABS Classed 6 man saturation diving system that offers flexibility through a modular design philosophy which offers uncomplicated capacity for further systems upgrade. The design focuses on a compact approach for ease of shipping, rapid mobilisation and reduced deck-footprint all of which is delivered and assembled as a turnkey solution.

The system has the versatile option of being utilised as a 12 man Hyperbaric Reception Facility (HRF). The chamber system consists of a twinlock chamber and a TUP. The twinlock chamber includes a 6 person living lock which is linked to the SPHL and a wet-pot facility which serves as a TUP to the 3 man wetbell. The dive control and dive machinery spaces are integrated into the dive bell launch and recovery skid. The SAT machinery and SAT control room for the system is fitted into two stacked 20ft. ISO containers.

The Compact-Lite is our most compact Saturation diving system design for cost effective short to medium duration of Saturation diving projects. The Compact-Lite can be mobilised onto small vessels and platforms. Perfect for decommissioning projects.