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Crane Waterload Testing Weight Bags

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Seaflex Waterbags Overview
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WaterLoad - When Only The Best Will Do

Seaflex WaterLoad bags (WLBs) are the safe, efficient and economical method for testing cranes, davits and other load-bearing structures.

All Seaflex WLBs are designed, manufactured, tested and certified in accordance with LEEA 051 guidelines. Specifically, they've been drop-tested to prove a minimum 6:1 factor of safety on their WLL (4:1 on the 50t WLB due to test rig limitations). Units up to and including 35t also carry Product Design Assessment (PDA) from ABS - the first, and currently only, waterbags in the industry to hold this level of certification.

All our WLBs are supplied in their own ISPM 15 transit cases, rather than on pallets, to virtually eliminate the risk of damage during transport or storage compromising the performance of the bags onsite.

Weight Load Testing from Seaflex

Seaflex offer robust, reliable and safe weight load testing bags which are suitable for a wide range of weight load measuring and weight load lifting tasks. Safety and durability are at the core of the design and development of our bags, helping us to produce the very best in weight load testing equipment.

Our weight load testing bags are designed in such a way that filling of the bags can be carried out gradually, and therefore exact weights can be attained. In addition, when carrying out filling gradually, it’s far easier to identify potential problems than when simple filling the bag in one go.

Weight load testing bags from Seaflex are internationally recognised as being the safest, most efficient and high performance system for a range of testing on cranes, davits and other load bearing structures.