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2 Diver Portable Panel

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  • 2 Diver Portable Panel
2 Diver Portable Panel

The 2 Diver Portable panel is designed and Manufactured by following the stringent Code requirements, IMCA Guidelines and quality standards. This is designed for two Divers for Scuba replacement/ portable Diving as per IMCA D040.

• Individual HP ports to connect the 200 BAR HP source is provided on the panel for each diver
• Individual LP ports to connect the 17 BAR LP source is provided on the panel for each diver
• Diver Supply ports & Diver Pneumo ports are provided on the panel to connect the umbilical
• 6” dial Depth Gauge With 70MSW Range is provided on the panel
• Panel fitted with 2 Diver communication equipment which is also provided with 110V / 220 V power plugs to charge the battery and internal battery to power the unit without external power source
• CCTV System consisting of LCD monitor display unt, 2 X Diver Surface control unit & 1 x Digital video recording unit


Dimension: 802mm(Length) x 520mm(Width) x 316mm(Depth)

Weight: 50 kg

Depth Gauge: 70 MSW

Diver Supply Pressure: 17 BAR


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