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DL 07, Chuck Assist Drill

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  • DL 07, Chuck Assist Drill
DL 07, Chuck Assist Drill

The Stanley DL07 hydraulic drill is a forward/reverse, variable speed drill with a ½ inch keyed chuck for underwater drilling applications. The DL07 has more than enough torque to drill most steel, masonry, wood or coral. A two position assist handle and trigger guard are standard.

• Integral Stanley Hyrevz gear motor produces high torque
• Stainless Steel spools and fasteners
• Forward-Reverse with variable speed
• Dual position assist handle provides increased control
• Oversized trigger with guard for operator comfort
• Wiper seals on reversing and trigger spool
• Built in reverse check valve ensures long seal life
• Plastisol handle for comfortable ergonomic grip
• Forward position of handle provides better balance
• Open Center/Closed Center-Dual Spool Feature
• Cast-in lifting eye
• Painted hi-visibility yellow

Chuck Capacity: ½" / 12mm
Flow Range: 3-10gpm / 11.3-38lpm
Working Pressure: 1000 - 2000psi / 70-140bar
Full Relief Setting: 2250psi / 155bar
Weight: 7.8lbs / 3.5kg
Length: 10½" / 26.7cm
Hydraulic Ports: - 8 SAE O-ring
Hose Whips: Yes (3 ⁄8" NPT Male Thread)

Drill Speed at Hydraulic Flow:
350RPM 3gpm / 11.3lpm
475RPM 4gpm / 15lpm
750RPM 6gpm / 23lpm
1000RPM 8gpm / 30lpm
1250RPM 10gpm / 38lpm


Drill  Torque at PSI/ Bar:
4ft lbs @ 500PSI 0.5Nm @ 35bar
9ft lbs @ 1000PSI 1.2Nm @ 70bar
14ft lbs @ 1500PSI 1.9Nm @ 105bar
19ft lbs @ 2000PSI 2.6Nm @ 140bar


Order Detail:  
Drill, Stanley OC/CC U/W, 1/2 IN CAP, Jacobs Chuck Assist, DL 07 D-ST-156


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