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Metrology Jigs
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Robust, compact, simply designed and constructed from Stainless Steel, with “paintable” scribe plates. The tool features deflection-free locking collars. The standard package includes 2 x jig ends with a winch of 20m of wire, and torque wrench. A variety of flanged backing plates, mountings for face flanges, and mountings for working above pipe installations are available. All requests for backing plates must be accompanied with full specifications for the type of flange, pressure rating and code.

 Order Detail:  
Metrology Jig Set  D-ST-187
20m Metrology Jig extension wire c/w thimbles, bull dog grips and shackles D-ST-187-01
Backing Plate - 04" 600/1500lb, Painted Steel D-ST-187-02
Backing Plate - 06" 600/1500lb, Painted Steel D-ST-187-03
Backing Plate - 08" 600/1500lb, Painted Steel D-ST-187-04 
Backing Plate - 10" 600/1500lb, Painted Steel D-ST-187-05 
Backing Plate - 12" 600/1500lb, Painted Steel D-ST-187-06
Backing Plate - 14" 600/1500lb, Painted Steel  D-ST-187-07
Backing Plate - 16" 600/1500lb, Painted Steel  D-ST-187-08
Backing Plate - 20" 600/1500lb, Painted Steel  D-ST-187-09 
Backing Plate - 24" 600/1500lb, Painted Steel  D-ST-187-10 
Backing Plate - 30" 600/1500lb, Painted Steel  D-ST-187-11