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Standard 2-Diver Radio

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  • Standard 2-Diver Radio
Standard 2-Diver Radio

2-Diver Radio with single Volume Control for both divers, various Power Supply options, an external 12VDC Power Connection, Tape Record Input and Battery Condition Indicator.

Length: 370mm
Width: 245mm
Height: 270mm 
Weight: 7.9kg (without batteries) 
Frequency Range: 500Hz - 3kHz
Acoustic Output Power: 20 Watts / channel
External Power:
110/220VAC 50/60Hz (automatic sensing)
4 x 6VDC rechargeable
Spring-Top Gel-cell batteries

Order Detail:

Two Diver - Standard Rechargeable Battery D-C-477
Two Diver - Standard Non-Rechargeable Battery D-C-478
Two Diver - Standard AC Powered with Battery Back Up D-C-479


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