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Diving & Life Support

Helium Speech Un-scrambler, 3-Diver

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  • Helium Speech Un-scrambler, 3-Diver
Helium Speech Un-scrambler, 3-Diver

The design incorporates dual digital signal processors and uses both frequency and time domain technologies for real-time audio processing. The design accommodates functions ranging from the correction of the diver's raw helium speech to normal intelligible voice levels, advanced treble boost and complex noise reduction filters (NRF).

Width: 482.5mm
Depth: 317.5mm
Height: 178mm
Weight: 8.8 kg

Order Detail:

Three Diver - Helium Speech Unscrambler, AC Powered With Battery Back Up D-C-485
Three Diver Rack Mount - Helium Speech Unscrambler, AC Powered With Battery Back Up D-C-488
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