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Daughter Craft

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The daughter craft system is designed for the function of conducting diving operations in locations that are not accessible by larger DSVs for underwater inspections. The craft is deployed off a mother vessel. A decompression chamber is positioned on the mother vessel to support the diving operation.

The vessels are 14m or 15m long and are purpose designed for diving operations, ie: stability over speed and endurance.The boat has an aft diving deck where the diver is dressed and enters the water using a 2m single spine ladder deployed at the aft. There is a 350kg A-frame davit that is fitted to the aft of the vessel to be used to recover an injured diver.


The advantages of using diving Daughtercraft systems are:

Reduced risk to the divers, compared to diving from a DP vessel, due to lack of vessel intake/thrusters hazards, long umbilical excursions and DP failure/drift off.

Reduced risk to the offshore asset as the DP vessel does not require being in close proximity for diving operations.

A shallow keel means that the daughtercraft is far more maneuverable and can access areas around platform/structure that are inaccessible to larger DP vessels due to risk of damage to risers, umbilicals or anchor chains.
Mooring to the platform/structure allows the craft to be positioned directly over the divers worksite, allowing quicker access to worksite therefore adding to "on the job" time.

Decrease in mobilization times as minimal equipment is required to be installed on the "mother vessel", barge or platform as Daughtercraft and be setup, tested and audited before mother vessel is taken on charter.