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Aqualung TITAN, 1st/2nd Stage Regulators

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  • Aqualung TITAN, 1st/2nd Stage Regulators
Catalogue - D-PD - Personal Diving Equipment
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The titan 1st stage regulator uses a balanced diaphragm mechanism that results in ease of breathing and consistent performance. It features a T-shaped compact and light design with 2 HP and 4 MP ports. The 2nd stage is a mid size, high performance demand valve that features a venturi knob which stops unwanted free flow when the regulator is out of a divers mouth. The demand valve is made from reinforced polycarbonate material that offers superior strength properties.

Order Details:  
Titan 1st Stage only Regulator, Aqualung D-PD-350
Titan LX Second Stage Only, Demand Valve, Aqualung D-PD-351