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Analox SDA, O2 Monitor

  • Analox SDA, O2  Monitor
Catalogue - D-GA - Gas Analysis

This Analyser is specifically designed for the saturation diving market and as a result have a familiarity and intuitive operation to suit deep diving shift patterns. It is located in the dive control room at ambient temperature and pressure. When supplied with a gas sample line from the living chamber, diving bell or gas delivery system, it can be configured to provide percent oxygen readings (%O2). Calibration is quick and easy, using the adjustments on the front panel. The device is designed to be user serviced and maintained with minimal user downtime and is also recognisable world-wide by the majority of diving technicians, making it easy to use.

Panel Mount
Depth x Width x Height: 107mm x 245mm x 129mm
Temp Effect: ±0.1% of readout/0C
Operating Temp: 00C - 600C
Storage Temp: -400C - 850C
Relative Humidity (%@oC): 95 @ 40 non-condensing
Sensor Range: 0 - 100%, 0 - 3000mbar
Sensor Accuracy:
0 - 100%, ±350ppm O2 ±1% of reading
0 - 3000mbar, ±0.35mbar O2 ±1% of reading
Internal Battery Back-up: 5V 1.4 AH Nickel Cadmium, back-up time ± 1 hour min
Alarm Relay Outputs:
2 x Single pole change-over
1 Form A (15A 120VAC/24VDC)
1 Form C (10A1 20VAC/24VDC)
Configurable to be energised or de-energised when in non-alarm condition
Alarms: 2 x Audio/visual alarms, configurable as HI/HI or HI/LO. 
Display: 4 - 1/2" digital red LED
Power Supply Options: AC input 85V-264V, DC input 12V-32V, Input frequency 47-63Hz
6 Watts max power

Order Detail:

Analox SDA Oxygen Analyser D-GA-206
Replacement oxygen Sensor for SDA Oxygen Analyser D-GA-206-01


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