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Analox 1000 Series - Saturation Diving Analysers

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Catalogue - D-GA - Gas Analysis
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The Analox 1000 oxygen analyser is available for ambient monitoring or for measuring gas samples from a chamber or diving bell. The Analox 1000 oxygen analyser is available with either an electrochemical or paramagnetic sensor.

Accurate and reliable readings of diving gasses

  • Unique O2 and CO2 sensors fully temperature compensated.
  • Easy read displays for quick interpretation.
  • Full analyser range including He and N2.
  • Adjustable audio/visual alarms.

Minimum user downtime

  • Designed to be user serviced and maintained.
  • Common fixings and connections speeds installation.
  • Easy to use - recognisable world wide by 99% of diving technicians.
  • Familiarity - needs no re-training to operate all versions due to a commonality of user functions.
  • Battery back-up option - in the event of interrupted power supplies.