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Analox CO Monitors - SDA CO

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  • Analox CO Monitors - SDA CO
Analox CO Monitors SDA CO
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The Analox SDA CO Analyser is recommended for use with air diving systems and SAT diving, for monitoring the CO content in the gas supplied to the diver. The sensor can be mounted remotely from the SDA CO display panel. The Analox SDA CO may also be used in the compressor room on a ship. Calibration is quick and easy using the adjustments on the front panel. It has adjustable hi and low audio and visual alarms. Options are available for relay, 4-20mA outputs and battery back-up. The device is designed to be user serviced and maintained with minimal user downtime and is also recognisable world-wide by the majority of diving technicians, making it easy to use. It accepts all known power voltages world-wide and is available in panel mount or rack mount.