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Air Purity Test Kit - AP 201

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An inexpensive air analysis kit used to test the purity of breathing air from a compressor or breathing air cylinders. Tests for hazardous levels of: Carbon Monoxide, Carbon Dioxide, Water Vapour, and Oil Mist. The kit consists of a waterproof Pelican case, pressure regulator, flow-meter, various adaptors, and tubing.

Length x Width x Height: 460mm x 350mm x 170mm
Weight: 6.8kg

Order Detail:

Air Purity Test Kit - AP 201 D-GA-219
Replacement Cartridge: Carbon Monoxide D-GA-219-01
Replacement Cartridge: Carbon Dioxide D-GA-219-02
Replacement Cartridge: Water Vapour D-GA-219-03
Replacement Cartridge: Oil Mist D-GA-219-04


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