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Analox HC Monitors - HYPER-GAS MKII

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  • Analox HC Monitors - HYPER-GAS MKII
Analox HC Monitors HYPER-GAS MKII
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The Hyper-Gas MKII is a hydrocarbon monitor comprising of a bell monitor which contains a sensor manifold. It is also designed to incorporate a topside repeater (sold separately) which mimics the status of the bell monitor. The unit is set to alarm at 10% of hydrocarbon required to cause anesthesia. The Hyper-Gas MKII was not designed to monitor hyperbaric levels of H2S (hydrogen sulphide). The Hyper-Gas MKII is mandated by The Association of Oil & Gas Producers (OGP) in their “411 Report” which means that any diving contractor working for an OGP member must have a Hyper-Gas MKII installed in their saturation diving system. The unit is used in majority of operational diving bells and recognised as the accepted best industry practice.