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Diving & Life Support

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LR 4D, Multi-Purpose Air LARS

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  • LR 4D, Multi-Purpose Air LARS
LR 4D, Multi-Purpose Air LARS

The Unique Hydra LR4D Launch and Recovery System is designed to provide 4 unique solutions to our client's diving requirements. The base frame skid has a foot print that allows it to be easily shipped in a standard DNV 2.7.1 shipping container. The LR4D's compact and self-deployable design allows it to easily transform for use in any of the following configurations:

  • 2 Diver Single Cage - deploys a 2 diver single cage kit up to 50m
  • 2 Diver Wet-bell - deploys a 2-man wet bell up to 75m and fully integrates to a main bell umbilical supply and any of our SL3.1 Mixed Gas Dive Control options with no additional modifications required
  • 2 Diver Twin Basket (side by side) - deploys a twin basket system (2 working divers and a standby diver basket) for working in support of saturation systems.
  • Tools LARS - deploys and retrieves service umbilicals to and from a diver’s work site at a depth of up to 300msw. Additionally it provides a means for deploying and retrieving a tool basket to and from a diver's work site, also up to a depth of 300msw.

Note: 300msw is nominal, dependant on a specific configuration.

Depth Rating: 75m or 300msw in the Tool LARS configuration
Environmental Conditions: -10 to 55°C, 2m significant wave height
Power Requirements: 440V, 60Hz
Bell Winch SWL: 2300kg
Guide Winch SWL: 1300 / 2600kg continuous (two-fold purchase)

Order Detail:

LR4D- Multi Purpose LARS base structure : IMCA-ABS-DNV   D-LR-076 
Two Diver single cage kit for LR4D D-LR-076-01 
Two Diver Wetbell Kit for LR4D D-LR-076-02
2 Diver Twin Basket (Side by Side )- Kit for LR4D D-LR-076-03 
Spares Available on Request D-LR-076-04
Tools LARS Kit for LR4D, excluding Tools Umbilicals D-LR-076-05
300m Hydraulic Umbilical for Tools LARS   D-LR-076-06
300m Welding and Cutting Umbilcial for Tools LARS D-LR-076-07
Spares for Tools LARS D-LR-076-08


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