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A.G.O. CMW-2 3.75kW 3 Phase Electric Winch

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  • A.G.O. CMW-2 3.75kW 3 Phase Electric Winch
A.G.O. CMW-2 3.75kW 3 Phase Electric Winch
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A 3phase 3.75kW enclosed drum CMW 2 is now available. Developed from the highly successful original DC motor version of the CSW7, this version is once again a step up in performance and capacity from the 3HP CSW 7V. AGO have now managed to increase the effective power by using a 3.75kW AC Motor with an inverter drive within an enlarged design of the proven chassis. The additional power can be geared to provide either a higher hline speed or for handling heavier payloads.

Armoured or soft tow cable can be installed to suit the clients required application.

Key Features.

For sale or rental.

3 phase electric.

3.75kW (3HP).

Variable speed.

Lightweight aluminium construction.

Up to 700m of 8.2mm cable capacity.

Spooling gear.

Sealed sliprings.

Ideal for Sidescans, Magnetometers or Gradiometer arrays.