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BANDAK Positioning Reference System

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  • BANDAK Positioning Reference System
BANDAK Positioning Reference System

The BANDAK Light Weight Taut Wire Mk 15B is a position-reference system designed for use in deck mounted port or starboard position on surface vessels. Its purpose is to provide accurate data of a surface vessel’s movements with respect to the position of a depressor weight on the sea floor.

A wire is maintained at a constant tension by means of a depressor weight on the sea-bed and a pneumatic and electric servo-assisted “mooring” system. Any movement of the vessel will cause the tensioned wire to deviate from its initial inclination. This movement activates potentiometers mounted in the gimbal (sensor) head and produces changes of analogue signals directly proportional to the deviation in inclination.

Key Features.

Cost-effective main or supplementary position-reference system.

Well-proven and reliable technology.

Highly stable A-frame construction.

Separate control electronics for all-weather operations (ice-free).

Operational water depth up to 300 m.

Tension monitoring.

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