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Teledyne TSS Meridian Surveyor Gyrocompass

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  • Teledyne TSS Meridian Surveyor Gyrocompass
Teledyne TSS Meridian Surveyor Gyrocompass

The Teledyne Meridian gyrocompass product range is suitable for the ever-changing needs of a modern integrated bridge system. This includes highly accurate performance with low cost of ownership and system flexibility. Due to the Meridian’s small size and fast settle time of less than 45 minutes, there are no limits to the type of vessel for which it is suitable.

The Teledyne Meridian gyrocompass can be installed as a stand-alone unit or, together with any of the TSS range of repeaters and ancillaries, it becomes a single, dual or triple gyro system. The Meridian can also be used as a retrofit unit.

For simple installation the Meridian offers a large array of digital and analogue outputs plus easy set-up and self-test modes that are activated via the control unit. The versatility and flexibility of the Meridian can be clearly demonstrated with the remote control unit option which gives freedom to install the main unit in the most convenient location whilst installing the remote control unit where it can be seen and regularly used.

Unlike other marine navigation gyrocompasses available, the Meridian has a maintenance free dry element with a meantime between failure of more than 30,000 hours: and post installation there are no scheduled annual maintenance and servicing costs.

Key Features

Type approved to Marine Equipment Directive.

Economic one-box solution.

Fast initial settle time.

Small, lightweight and versatile.

High dynamic heading accuracy.

Versatile range of repeaters and ancillaries available.

Subsea variants also available.

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