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Survey Equipment

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Qinsy Survey Dongle

  • Qinsy Survey Dongle
QPS QINSY 8 Multibeam Survey Acquisition Software

The QPS QINSY 8 Multibeam Survey Acquisition Software is designed to enable marine survey operators to monitor their progress and make critical decisions in real time to support their operations. Whether for pipeline placement, rock dumping, dredging control, or hydrographic survey operations, the Version 8 program provides the information required.

QPS QINSY Version 8 combines state-of-the art navigation processing with data collection and real-time processing for multibeam sonar systems and a wide range of support sensors. Numerous predefined windows are available to view collected and corrected multibeam data, raw and corrected profiles, navigation display with sonar coverage plot, and helmsman display. Many other data displays can be selected.

The QPS QINSY Version 8 program time tags all received sensor data to an accuracy of one millisecond, does geodesy transformations, and performs extensive real-time processing of the data. The software allows data editing and decimation in real time, enabling the generation of output data products soon after the completion of survey data collection.

Key Features

Full navigation planning and on-line helm and operator displays.

Unlimited number of open windows.

Data time tagging and storage is maintained at highest priority.

Real time corrections from all auxiliary sensors.

All depths binned and displayed in colour.

Replay mode allows recomputation of all raw data.

Outputs all corrected data in ASCII X,Y,Z format.

Use with Unique Group Multibeam Systems.

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