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Edgetech 2000 DSS Combined Sidescan Chirp Sub-Bottom Profiler

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  • Edgetech 2000 DSS Combined Sidescan Chirp Sub-Bottom Profiler
Edgetech 2000 DSS Combined Sidescan Chirp Sub-Bottom Profiler

EdgeTech, the market leader in deep water sonar systems since 1965, now offers the 2000-DSS; an integrated combined system that gathers side scan and sub-bottom data utilizing EdgeTech proprietary Full Spectrum CHIRP technology in water depths up to 2000 meters.

Our 2000-DSS System is available with 100/400 kHz dual simultaneous CHIRP side scan sonar in addition to a wideband 2-16 kHz sub-bottom profiler. It comes complete with a combined towfish, digital telemetry that runs over a single coaxial cable up to 6000 meters long and a 19 inch rack mount topside processor running EdgeTech DISCOVER acquisition software. Unique Group Aberdeen have Deep Tow Winches that are more than capable of deploying this system.

Additionally, the Unique Group 2000-DSS Systems can be integrated with a number of auxiliary sensors such as magnetometer (Geometrics or Marine Magnetics), depth, altitude and USBL Responders. The system is modular and has been configured to allow for integration on to an ROV. In this configuration the communication is via a network connection and the towfish requires a 48V DC power supply from the host ROV. Advice and assistance will be provided with such an application.

Key Features

High resolution imaging 100/400kHz.

2-16 kHz Chirp sub-bottom profiler.

2000 meter depth rating.

Improved SNR from Full-Spectrum from CHIRP signal processing.

Integral magnetometer available.

Depth, roll, pitch, and heading sensors.

Digital telemetry over 6000m coaxial cable.

Modular design allows easy integration on to ROV.

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