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Geomatrix Transverse Gradiometer (TVG) Frame

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  • Geomatrix Transverse Gradiometer (TVG) Frame
Geomatrix Transverse Gradiometer (TVG) Frame
Geometrics G-882 Marine Magnetometer
Geometrics Telemetry System
Optimal Ranging Orion Tracking System

A robust, stable marine magnetometer frame for acquiring transverse gradient data as part of unexploded ordnance mitgation or pipe line tracing. Geomatrix independently developed a Transverse Gradiometer (TVG) Frame which simplifies the mobilisation and acquisition of transverse gradient data.

Unique Group also offer a modified version of this frame for use as a stable platform for the Optimal Ranging Orion Tracking System.

Key Features

Designed to support standard Geometrics G-882 Marine Magnetometer (with or without altimeter).

Long A-frame arms permit wire line clevis to be connected directly to frame.

Traverse Gradient :1.5m.

Layback Rations : 10.1.

Inline Drag on the TVG Frame: 4 knots = 40kg, 8 knots= 70kg Clevis (tow point) to sensor distance ~3.3m.

Max Tow cable length: 300m soft tow cable with 30V power supply, 6km steel tow cable with Geometrics Telemetry System.

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