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Survey Equipment

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Geomatrix Maglog Lite

  • Geomatrix Maglog Lite
Geometrics Maglog Lite

Geometrics MagLogLite Data Logger and System Controller offers the marine or land survey operator an easy to use yet sophisticated data logging and display controller. MagLogLite boasts superior data handling capabilities for logging, displaying and printing multi-channel asynchronous data transmissions. Single sensor or multi-sensor gradiometer arrays with depth, altitude and/or differential GPS track on map overlays are easily configured for storing to disk, display and printing using the new step-by-step Configuration Wizard.

MagLogLite provides capability to configure multiple re-sizeable displays or printer channels each with their own horizontal and vertical scale parameters with multiple color coded traces in each window channel. Horizontal or vertical scrolling is available for any input including depth, altimeter or magnetic field displays. Go-No-Go warning lights at the top of the display alert the operator to any errors or data conditions which exceed user preset levels of min/max or noise components.

The Geometrics MagLogLite Data Logger and System Controller multi-paned window format will display data from multiple sensor instruments. MagLogLite utilizes a 3D highway steering window for navigating along predefined survey routes. Data logging can be automatically terminated once the vehicle reaches the endpoint of the route. Cross track errors are calculated in real time to relay line deviations so the pilot can actively adjust the heading to return on the line. Users can include an acceptable line offset before an error message appears to inform the pilot to shift back towards the survey route. A special GPS window is included which shows the real-time position with complete zoom controls and plot of survey track all serials or position plots are available for output to a PDF file for real-time or post survey hard copy. Digital data is logged to disk and time stamped to an accuracy of 10ms. MagLogLite interpolates the position of each sensor relative to GPS positions, converts to UTM coordinates if required and exports an X,Y,Z or Latitude-Longitude-Magnetometer data file for additional processing and analysis.

MagLogLite makes use of the latest multi-core technology to ensure data integrity. In addition, each sensor is logged independently of the others, so that any difficulty with one sensor transmission will not affect the others. Multiple asynchronous data devices are properly time tagged, interpolated, displayed and recorded to a disk. This means that whether you are logging 1 sensor or 20, or if some sensors are logging at 1 Hz and others at 100 Hz, the system will maintain optimal efficiency and data integrity. Computers may be a customer, or Unique Group supplied, high performance, ruggedized laptop. 

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