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GeoAcoustics GeoPrinter
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The GeoAcoustics GeoPrinter Continuous Tone Thermal Printer, Model 9315CTP, is a general, all-purpose image printer that provides fast, high quality photographic images. When production of the Alden 9315CTP ceased Geoacoustics purchased the rights to produce the printer. Images are recorded on a choice of thermal fibre or plastic "paper". The printed images are 25.6 cm (10.1 inches) in width by any length up to 45.7 m (150 ft) and feature 256 shades of grey per pixel and a resolution of 2048 pixels per line.

A liquid crystal display shows the printer status at all times. A convenient top mounted keypad allows quick access to operator settable parameters such as the selection of plastic, fibre or transparent recording paper. A built-in set of diagnostic test patterns are operator selectable from the front panel to provide quick verification of operation. The Model 9315CTP printer is well suited for use with the latest sonar enhancement systems such as the CodaOctopus range of acquisition systems.

Key Features

10.1" print width.

256 grey shades.

2048 pixels per line.

Low maintenace.

SCSI or standard parallel interface.

Industry standard drivers available.