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HYPACK Hydrographic Data Processing

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HYPACK Hydrographic Data Processing
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With almost 7,000 users on 7 continents, HYPACK® is the most widely used hydrographic software package in the world. HYPACK® supports collection, targeting and mosaicing for both analog and digital side scans. It’s a standard feature vHYPACK is the defacto standard for volume computations for dredging projects. It can compute volumes by sections or volumes by surfaces, with a variety of options and reports.

HYPACK®’s SURVEY program provides you with the visual feedback needed to get your survey job done right, whether you are on a large ship or a small dinghy. The TIN MODEL creates stunning surface models, generates DXF contours and computes volume quantities with a variety of jobs. Export gridded XYZ or BAG surfaces.

HYPACK®’s SURVEY program handles input from over 300 GPS, range-azimuth, single and dual frequency echosounders,  gyros, magnetometers, and sub-bottom systems. HYPACK® supports both analog and digital sub-bottom  systems. It saves your data to industry standard SEG-Y. It’s a standard feature in HYPACK®.

HYPLOT let you output smooth sheets to your printer or plotter, or save them to PDF or DXF. Choose from an array of borders and sheet options. Design your own title block. Create your own S-57 ENC, or edit an existing one in the ENC EDITOR. It’s a standard feature in HYPACK®. The CLOUD program can be used for data review and final clean-up. It accepts HYPACK® data or any XYZ data file. Generate mosaics from side scan data, multibeam backscatter or multibeam snippets in GEOCODER. Licensed from UNH-CCOM, it’s a standard feature in HYPACK®.