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CDL Microvision
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The Teledyne CDL MicroVision is a 2.4GHz long range full colour  multi channel or single channel video transmission package. The MicroVision has been designed for use in the offshore survey  industry and has many features which will improve performance in  harsh environments. All system housings are machined from solid  aluminium and hard anodised for protection. Both RF and control  units are ‘O’ ring sealed against water ingress.

A high quality 5.6” LCD monitor is built in to the receiver control  unit. This allows for rapid system set-up and use without the need  for an external monitor. The monitor switches automatically  between PAL and NTSC video formats. The switch mode AC  power supplies used in the control units mean that absolutely  no modifications are needed for use worldwide.

The multi-channel RF units contain frequency switches which  allow them to be set to any one of 4 available frequencies, all  with the same high quality images.  Options include directional antennae and high power versions.

Key Features

Up to 10km range.

Low cost,  Lightweight.

Built in 5.6” monitor.

AL/NTSC compatible.

Tough housings.

4 Frequency channels.

2 Audio channels.