Nortek Aquadopp 3D Current Meter

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  • Nortek Aquadopp 3D Current Meter
Nortek Aquadopp 3D Current Meter
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The Aquadopp is a complete single-point ocean current meter to be used for 3D measurements on time scales larger than 1 second. It has no moving parts, requires no recalibration, and has no zero-point drift over time. The system electronics integrates unique Doppler velocity measurements with standard sensors such as temperature, pressure, tilt, and compass. It also has a solid state recorder, batteries and uses state-of-the-art power management to achieve a compact single-canister design that is suitable for online operation or self  contained deployments.

The Aquadopp is used in a wide range of applications from surf zone to a depth of 300m. The combination of the head design and the ability to control the distance to the sampling volume translates into great flexibility. Unique Group  Aquadopps use the standard asymetrical sensor head, enabling attachment to a mooring lines or to fixed structures. The sampling volume is to the side of the sensor to avoid undesired influence of wakes from the structure or mooring line.

In ROV applications, the Aquadopp is used to measure the speed through water. With a side looking head, the current meter can be completely contained inside the ROV frame, and still measure the velocity far away from the ROV structure to get the true motion of the ROV. A last, but important application is as a PUV system, where 1 Hz data are collected in the Aquadopp diagnostic mode to be used as a basis for wave directional spectra.

All the Aquadopps available from Unique Group  can be supplied with optional Valeport conductivity and temperature modules. These high specification sensor modules have been specifically designed for use with our Aquadopps.The above picture shows the Aquadopp and Valeport 620 integration. They can also be supplied with a Seapoint OBS for simultaneous turbidity measurement and an auxiliary battery.

Key Features

Small and lightweight.

Biological fouling does not affect accuracy.

Ideal for coastal applications.

300m depth rating.

Optional Valeport conductivity and temperature integration.

Optional Seapoint OBS tubidity sensor.

Low power consumption.

Wave directional spectra data can be obtained from the standard instrument.